Common mistake prior getting a website design

Planning to get your own website? In this post, I will share some of the common mistake or missed-out concern prior designing your website.

Website work differently nowadays

Website shouldn’t cost so much

The cost of any website design and development are based on the final deliverables. There are many types of website available to fit into different requirements. A simple blog can be huge different compare to a corporate website.

Therefore you shall first understand what you truly needs, wants and required, best is to consult few web designers who have experience in working with wide variety types of website from blog, corporate website, e-Commerce website to even portal or web app. This could provides better insights to understand what you truly needs.

As for the cost, an experienced web designer would definitely cost more than a rookie especially when it come to designing a website for businesses. A real experience web designer would understand your business goal, the control and convenient you need, and design a website to align with your marketing plan.

Web designer should do what I told them to

There are 2 commonly mistaken types of graphic or web designer and let me clarify here.

1. Artist / Decorator

Artist, decorator, illustrator or even some even known as typesetter are technical person who pretty good in using software and tools in creating visuals or codes.

However, they may not have the experience in designing solution that solve your problem. These group of designer would need direction, or task list to perform particular task in achieving certain results. If you have clear goal and just need someone to execute the design work, then u shall engage with the Artist / Decorator / Typesetter.

2. Consultant / Designer

A real designer is a problem solver, they seek to understand and diagnose the problem, help you to find clarity in your plan then propose and design a solution to solve particular requirements or issue.

Designer would take time to understand what you need, what you want, and what kind of solutions or options that would be able to solve your needs.

A good designer would able to understand and foresee what you don’t and some time they will reject your request if it doesn’t make sense to the outcome.


You need to know which category of designer you prefer to work with. If you have experience and the know how to create your own website, then you should hire artist, typesetter, decorator where they’ll handle the technical part based on your direction.

However if you’re looking for someone who can advise you and propose you with the right solution for your needs, then proceed with the problem solver Designer.

I can design my own website, why should I hire a professional?

There are many tools, services to create a website nowadays and it’s getting easier, affordable and seems like anyone could design a website. However, website is not a toy, it’s not something you can simply drag-and-drop elements to form a usable website that solve what your audience were looking for. And we’re not even talking about the technical requirements, structure, flow, keywords, look and feel of your website.

Experience professionals web designer knows what work and what’s not, what would be your user looking for in your website, and what could putting them off.

Remember, your website is the first impression among your visitor prior meeting or speaking with you. Therefore, could you risk your website

If you understand the overview of how important your website to you and your organization and the full control of your website, then you don’t need to hire a professional.

Engage somene who you can work with

In the convenient world of internet nowadays, there are many “designers” offer web design services at a “very affordable” rate. Anyone can simply create a website or Facebook page and start offering packages while you have no idea who these people (you can’t find a real person in their Facebook page or even in their own website) nor rather do they have a real experience or reachable in case you need support.

I have been receiving a lot of request in claiming back their old website as the previous web designer was “unreachable”, and it has cost these innocent website owner a lot (especially when their emails is gone together as well). I don’t think it’s worth risking all your content and reputation with these “affordable” web designer.

I don’t need to update my website so frequently

Your website reflects your business, your brand through your activities. Always keep your website up to date via products, services, news or even events. Imagine your website haven’t been updated, while people visiting your website could feel uncertainty if your business is still active or otherwise.

Therefore, keeping your website up to date would reflect how active your business compare to your competitor (remember, when your leads are searching for you, they could also comparing you with your competitor in other tabs).

My website is done, I should expect sales coming in

Getting your website done is just the beginning in creating your online presence. You need promote it, create more content to reflect your value and offerings, social marketing and etc so you will be discovered online.

Contents creation and Search Engine optimization is crucial to ensure your website is ranked properly according to the relevant keyword, therefore understand how website could help you in your business is crucial.


Throughout my 15 years experience in this industry, there are still a lot of people who didn’t understand the necessity of website, it’s role, purposes and functions. Therefore I hope this post could shed some light into this subject and helpful to you in your business, marketing and promotion planning .

If you are still unsure, do drop me a message in the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.