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I will be have completed my sharing some tips and method to optimize your WordPress Website in WebFest Asia organised by Exabytes Malaysia.

From why you need to optimize your website, best practices, things you need to be aware when setting up WordPress website, best practices, images format, usages, how to optimize your images and finally recommending which plugins you can use to achieve the best result.


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Date : May 18-19, 2020
TIme : 9:00am to 4:00pm

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Cache Plugins Recommended

I have been testing plugins listed below prior this sharing for the latest comparison;

  • WP Rocket
    One of the best premium paid cache plugins which perform best
  • W3 Total Cache
    Powerful, however required a lot of configuration
  • WP Super Cache
    My personal favourite combine with Autoptimize
  • WP Fastest Cache
    Powerful cache with simple configuration
  • Comet Cache
    Simple configuration which quite fast overall even for the free version
  • Swift Performance
    Overall the best and easiest to configure, with couple of clicks and you will experience the results, read more as below
The easiest yet way more powerful optimization plugin I’ve tested so far.

The easiest yet the most powerful cache plugins I can’t stop recommend enough, Swift Performance. They do have a free version which sufficient to get the job done, simply by just follow the steps below for the free version;

This is by far the best WordPress Optimization plugins I’ve tested so far which will have all your needs solved by just 1 plugin, few clicks and you’re good to go. If you like this plugin, imagine how the Pro version can do for you, Swift Performance Pro includes;

  • More advanced cache
  • Advanced WooCommerce Features (a must for WooCommerce users)
  • Additional HTTP2 contents push
  • Unlimited image optimization (no need separate plugins)
  • Lazy load your image built-in to speed up loading experience
  • Advanced critical web-font loader (crucial esp for page builder users)
  • and many more cool features

Just simply get the pro version :

Best Image & Graphic Compressor

Best Online Image (JPG,PNG, GIF) Optimization Solutions

Below I have listed down some of the best image optimization solutions we have been using and tested;

For Offline image optimization we have software as listed below;

Best SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) Compressor

The best SVG compressor + sanitizer + fonts embed + many more

When it come to SVG file optimization, Nano by stands-out the most from my testing, not only they provide lossless optimization, it will automatically sanitize your SVG from any malicious code, embed custom fonts (not outlining) and export into any graphic format you preferred.

  • Remove malicious code
  • Export into any format
  • Lossless compression
  • Embed fonts

Presentation Slides

Below you may find the slides I used for the presentation;

I was informed by the team at Webfest.Asia that recording will be uploaded to their website,

However if you all would like me to create a complete video explaining on this subject? Please do comment below and let me know.